Product Configurator

Engage & excite your customers in a new way using our product configurator SOLIDWORKS® Sell. It enables you to engage your customers through product customization using our 360° product viewer. The cloud simplifies implementation, supports expanded offerings to your customers and offers a new way for them to experience and customize your products.

SOLIDWORKS Sell-Customize

SOLIDWORKS® Sell Customize enables your team to engage or pitch to customers internally or externally using our 3D product configurator which adapts to their needs in real-time. Customers will be delighted with this visual online experience.

SOLIDWORKS Sell-Digital Catalog

SOLIDWORKS® Sell simplifies your online catalog offerings. Our 3D product configurator eliminates the need for expensive photography while adding the ability to offer your customers 360 views of customizable products.

SOLIDWORKS Sell-eCommerce

As the convenience of online shopping grows, SOLIDWORKS® Sell brings you the tools to create experiential retailing using our product configurator. Tools from Do It Yourself (DIY) product configuration to Augmented Reality and 3DPrinting can help transform your online retail experience.

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SOLIDWORKS Sell Product Configurator solutions enable you to add a revenue stream by easily providing personalized and customized products to your customers, elevating your customer engagement, brand or online store.

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