Preserve your cash flow, get the software your business needs on 3 or 6 month 0% interest payment terms.

We all understand that in today’s economy, acquiring the right software which is the heartbeat and vital to the sustainability of every successful design and manufacturing practice, can be costly. But is doesn’t have to be unobtainable with our finance options.

3 - 5 Months @ 0% Interest

With our very niche interest free payment plan of between 3 and 6 months, we can provide you with the best in class software for success at a very convenient, affordable monthly repayment of your choice.

Extended Finance

Need longer finance terms? We offer in-house interest bearing finance at extended terms. Finance can be approved within 48 hours should all documentation be submitted in time and you can Get all the benifits of allocating this as a operational expense (OPEX).Contact us for more information.

Why Finance Your Purchase ?

  • Preserve cash flow

Whether you wish to preserve your cash flow or whether a lump sum payment (CAPEX) might just not possible, our finance offering is an excellent way to obtain the vital software your business needs, whilst you conveniently pay off the software over your chosen period. NO INTEREST and NO HIDDEN COSTS! “It is simple: Take the amount you have been quoted for (including the VAT portion), divide it by your choice of repayment period (months) and that is the amount you will pay. Whether you pay the capital amount upfront or use our finance options, the cost stays the same.”

  • Immediate software access

You immediately get full access to the software (no lay-bye!) so you can generate revenue for a quick ROI. Once the last payment has been received, the fully licensed usage of the software is yours!

  • Finance more than software

You can finance more than just your software purchase. Why not include your subscription, implementation services, training services, hardware and anything else your drawing office requires.

  • Perpetual licensing

Perpetual licenses are still the most cost effective way to obtain crucially vital software for usage over a long term period. Cost of ownership is significantly lower!

  • Terms and conditions

Approval of this Agreement is strictly at the sole and absolute discretion of INNOVA3D SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS (PTY) LTD (hereinafter referred to as “INNOVA”). INNOVA may require personal surety to be given by a director/member of the Customer in the event of financial information not being sufficient or satisfactory. This Agreement will be considered by INNOVA only upon receipt of all requested supplementary documentation and until such time as approved by INNOVA, no payment whatsoever, in respect of this Agreement or otherwise, shall be accepted. All products, hardware and software will remain the property of INNOVA until all amounts payable to INNOVA in terms of this Agreement are settled in full. The payment for services rendered remains the ultimate responsibility of the Customer. Interest at the rate of 15.5% (fifteen comma five percent) per annum will be charged on overdue accounts. Accounts must be settled on the dates agreed upon. Overdue accounts will be handed over for collection without prior notice in the sole and absolute discretion of INNOVA. The Customer undertakes to furnish INNOVA with any change of the particulars provided above within 3 days from date of change. I/we hereby authorise INNOVA to, in its sole and absolute discretion, and for the purposes of implementing and/or enforcing any right or obligation in terms of this Agreement, to disclose any of my/our credit records to such persons or instances to whom it may be necessary. I/we hereby choose the address as provided above as the address for the service of any and all legal notices / formal documents under and in terms of this Agreement. I/we accept liability and undertake to pay any and all legal costs incidental to and arising out of or in connection with any action that INNOVA may institute against me/us in respect of this Agreement, on the scale as between attorney and own client, including tracing fees if applicable, and collection commission of 10% (ten percent) with a maxim of R1,000.00 (one thousand rand) plus Value Added Tax thereon. In the event that the Customer fails to pay any instalment on the due date thereof, INNOVA shall be entitled, but not obliged, to claim the full balance of the finance given in terms of this Agreement together with any interest payable at such time. The Customer shall be entitled to cancel this Agreement, without penalty, upon full payment of the balance of the finance given to it and any interest, if applicable, payable at such time. The Customer renounces all benefits arising from the following legal exceptions, the full force meaning and effect of which the Customer declares to understand and be fully acquainted with: a. exceptio non numerate pecuniae (the exception that money was not paid over); b. exceptio errore calculi (the exception of a wrong calculation); c. exception non causa debiti (the exception that no cause of action exists); d. revision of accounts; and e. no value received. The Customer agrees and confirms that this Agreement contains the full terms of its agreement with INNOVA and that no addition to or variation thereof shall be of any force and effect unless done in writing and signed by the Customer and INNOVA. I/we confirm that this agreement is in a plain and understandable language as well as in the language of my choice.

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